• In order to participate in a "Balls in the Bag" morning event, you must register, at the latest, before 4:00pm two days prior.
  • Like-wise, if you wish to cancel your entry, you must do so before 4:00pm two days prior.  After this, if you wish to cancel, you can contact the pro-shop directly by noon the day before.
  • You can view the rosters for the up-coming "Balls in the Bag" event by clicking on the "Open" link on this page.
  • You will be able to able to sign-up for "Balls in the Bag" by clicking on the link for the specified month shown above.
  • * Please Note: Unused tee-times will be released 48 hours prior to the day of play.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE -- The number of time slots available for "Balls in the Bag" play is limited.  You can view the number of slots available for each day on the monthly calendar.  Also, the "On-going Daily Roster" will indicate the limit for each day.  The names are in entry time order, so if your name is below the red line, you may not be able to play with the group on that day.  However, if somone above you drops out, then your name will move up.  Also, if you are in the "Waiting" queue and then decide to drop out, please "Cancel" your name in the queue so that others can move up.
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No Spaces Available in November.
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Balls in the Bag - Registration for 2021
Register for Balls in the Bag
April Registration
  1. The deadline for signing up for "Balls in the Bag" will be automatically imposed.  If you try to sign up for a date after its deadline (which is 4:00pm, 2 days prior), you will receive an error message and the registration will be denied.
  2. You will be able to register a guest when you sign up for "Balls in the Bag".  The instructions for doing this are on the registration page.  Be sure to read the instructions before registering.
March Registration
May Registration
If, after you register, you determine that you cannot play as scheduled, please contact Terry Cox immediately so that another member on the waiting list can play instead.