Crown Isle Mixed Couples Sunday Golf
The Sunday Mixed Couples Golf is back on for 2021, albeit with a slightly smaller and more cautious approach compared to previous years.  The season will start on 2 May and go every Sunday until 26 September with the following exceptions:
  • 30 May - Memorial Tournament
  • 20 June - Member Guest (I don't know what this is)
  • 8 August - Mixed Club Championship
  • 22 August - Club Championship
  • 19 September - Ladies 9 and Dine.

Tee times have been blocked from 1200-1300 on the available Sundays with 8 available slots so get your tee time booked early as unused times will be released to the great unwashed public on the previous Friday evenings. Booking tee times most be done through the Pro Shop, not online. Different fun games will be played each week.  Valid handicaps are required and will be used for all games.  There will also be men's and women's KPs on each par 3.  Cost is $3 per person payable to the starter.  The rules and sign up sheets will be at the Starters Shack so read the rules, sign the sheet, pay the Starter and away you go.
The plan for post round socializing and prizes is still up in the air.  It looks like the best option for the first couple of weeks is to find a place around the Sandwedge to enjoy a bevvie with your group and prizes may have to be delivered by envelope or in person on subsequent weeks.  We will play this by ear but rest assured, you will get your prize money and the results will be published.  As more and more people are vaccinated and the restrictions are hopefully relaxed we may be able to return to our former stomping grounds on the Atrium Balcony.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact John or Carol Ann.

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